Joshua Terrell

Computer Desk

I was using a folding plastic table as a computer desk for about a year before I decided to look for a better option. All the consumer options were expensive or just not a good enough fit for the space (I wanted a big desk). So I designed my own minimal desk that I could assemble out of cheap materials like particle board, deck screws, and 2×4 boards.

2014-02-20 19.50.29


Determining how to build the top of the desk.

2014-02-20 19.50.23

Planning features and also what tools I might use to cut the materials.

2013-09-18 15.45.48 


The CAD model I used for final geometry checking.

2013-10-12 14.11.052013-10-12 14.11.11


Finished product. Only one afternoon of building.